Our new style

Y&R is a global boutique. The best of both worlds.

The new logo at Y&R Moscow is not a change of identity. It’s a reflection of everything we have put in place to give our clients the best of both worlds — strong local agencies because we know that consumers connect, commit and consume brands locally. But also a network that is larger than the sum of its parts because we have the structures, processes and culture that make collaboration across the network effective. Strong local agencies resonate globally.

Y&R’s global boutique is rooted in the way we built and expanded the agency — organically, driven by client need, led by local talent. Our agencies have the authenticity of their local roots and are empowered to be the best in their market. We have empowered each of our agencies to be the best in their market, to have meaning that is rooted and relevant to the market and its local audience. But we also built an infrastructure: we all share a common, vision, mission and values, as well as common tools, resources and technology, so that no matter where a client does business, Y&R has the consistency and credibility to build brands around the world.

This philosophy is now manifested around our network in new interpretations of our logo. The Y&R in our logo represents all that unifies us and makes us a powerful global network. But each agency now has the freedom to celebrate their “localness.” Below, you can see a few examples of how our colleagues imagine their countries and cities applicable to Y&R logo. New York – as a subway mosaic, Rome’s essential antique fresco, unexpectedly austere Paris block pavement, cheerful Johannesburg, the glory of Italian Renaissance, the Mexico’s ethnic festival….

Why we have chosen SUCH a Y&R Moscow logo?

However, what visual symbols characterize Moscow best? Ballet? Architecture? Old-style sketches of the past? Caviar and pancakes?

But all that seemed banal enough. So we decided to turn to the most creative period in our country’s history – Russian avant-garde! Kandinsky, Tatlin, Rodchenko, Malevich…

In spite of more than century’s distance, these visual solutions seemed us more up-to-date! First, because that’s when our countrymen ideas were the most progressive. Second, in the era of TVC- way of- thinking, the ‘Brevity is the Sister of Talent’ slogan is topical more than ever. And what can be more brief and roomy than genius laconism of Malevich? So our creative signature will be the same – energetic, striking, vivid, fresh, concealing new great ideas behind the obvious simplicity.

In general, we consider new Y&R Moscow corporate identity to be precise, original and attractive. Hope you - too!